Wednesday, December 14, 2005

long-term potentiation is a stable and enduring increase in the effectiveness of synapses. to see LTP, we electrically stimulate axons in a circuit at a slow rate... and we find that the size of the response in the postsynaptic neurons is quite stable. but if we then stimulate the axons with a brief tetanus (a flurry of electrical stimulation triggering thousands of action potentials over 1 to 2 s), the size of the excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) responses increases markedly and remains high throughout the recording period. This greater effectiveness of the synapses after the tetanus is the LTP.

after two hours of intense concentration, I shrieked, "long-term potentiation is raping my brain!". and then I realized, long-term potentiation IS raping my brain.

cheers to NMDA receptors and may your hippocampal formation have a good night.


kt said...

bwaha! brain rape! and that was a evil, sneaking-up-on-you kind of brain rape, too. like....... just when you thought it was safe to be friends and BAM! RAPED!

Molly said...

Hey sista!
Writing to say a friendly hallo! And also to let you know that I am finally free of the manic boss. Yes, I quit the flower shop. So now I am the local child care giver. Until I get another job. Also, I am planning my birthday so don't forget about it- Dec 27. And we have to plan 2 days for hiking- one for local exlporations and another for eternal flame. I hope that sounds good. It does? Great! See ya when you get home! Only a couple days left till freedom!