Sunday, December 11, 2005

when I look at christmas lights through my glasses, the colours catch at the bottom of the lenses and I see rainbows.

since classes are over, there seems to be a light at the end of this death-march of learning. it appears to be red and bloody and exuding screams of agony, but it's there. I had my first theory exam today. fortunately for my self-esteem, I was not the oldest one there, and I was not the last to finish. I even knew most of the answers, though there were a few terms that were clearly invented so the examiners could laugh at our responses. If I haven't heard of a lydian scale after fourteen years of studying piano, is it really all that important? and the excitement grows from here: english dec. 13, physiology dec. 15, psycholinguistics dec. 19, philosophy of religion dec. 20, bioethics dec. 21. my brain is already running low on disk space! studying may be a lost cause.

I wish the world were made up of stripes of red and green and purple and yellow. bright and random and slightly fuzzy. I'd like that.

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