Tuesday, January 31, 2006

all I need is a 14-foot grand piano, a giant hall lit with candles, and a few months to practice, and chopin's revolutionary etude will be heard in all it's evil glory! thanks to katie, annesley has been granted a reprieve from brahms and is becoming subject to many hours of chopin a day.

thus far, my 21-year-old fingers seem to be holding out alright. I know it's only a matter of time, though, before my hands start to shrivel and my brain atrophies and leaks out my ears. 21 is so old! granted, it's not 90ish old, when events from your childhood appear in history textbooks, or 50ish old, when your life is suddenly half over. it's not even 30ish old, when you're expected to be settled down and doing something with your life. 21 is just 'I'm not a teenager anymore and oh god, does this mean I should start acting responsible' old.

thanks to everyone for a fantabulous birthday yesterday! breakfast with katie, homemade cake, nachos and sweet trumpet solos at the rex. and fortunately, 21 is not too old for icing strait from the container or midnight chocolate fondue.

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