Saturday, February 04, 2006

imagine if the world were a slideshow...

the visual disorder complained of by the patient was a loss of movement vision in all three dimensions. she had difficulty, for example, pouring tea or coffee because the fluid appeared to be frozen, like a glacier... she could not stop pouring at the right time, since she was unable to perceive the movement in the cup when the fluid rose... the patient complained of difficulty following a dialogue because she could not see the movement of the face and especially the mouth of the speaker... she could not cross the street because of her inability to judge the speed of a car, but she could identify the car itself without difficulty. "when I see the car at first, it seems far away. but then, when I want to cross the road, suddenly the car is very near*."

bet you haven't thought about how fortunate you are to have motion perception today.

*muchos gracias to zihl, von cramon, and mai (1983)

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