Wednesday, January 11, 2006

one morning a bear, an owl, and sunshine woke up to find the world covered in snow. they strapped on their boots and zipped up their coats and trudged off into the forest in search of the thing that was near and dear to all their hearts: fire. as they got further and further from home, they came across some strange sights.

there was a tree on stilts...

and a hill that was half summer and half winter...

they leapt over ice-coated stones, waded through streams, and finally arrived in a magical lagoon. it was magical not only because it was laced in snow and sprinkled with icicles, but because its infamous fire had disappeared! as the three hikers stood in the magical lagoon, they stood on the other end of eternity, for the eternal flame had died.

and thus concluded the search for the eternal flame of orchard park. not to be discouraged, the bear, the owl, and the sunshine left the magical lagoon and their dreams of fire for another day, and returned home smiling.

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