Monday, January 02, 2006

there used to be a set of railroad tracks near my house. they were torn out a few years ago to make room for a bike path that was never built, so the area is now several miles of weeds and rocks surrounded by cattails and forest. the other day, I was hiking along a trail above the tracks and playing with my new nerd toy (telephoto lens) when I found a patch of matted, mutilated fur, frozen into the snow. ten meters further, half hidden under a tangle of sumac branches, was a ripped-open garbage bag containing half a deer. the head was gone, as were the internal organs and most of the skin. it was identifiable only by the single hoof sticking out. I took one look and ran the other way.

don't know why I wrote about that. it was really disturbing.

I spent all day yesterday at holiday valley. the conditions were beautiful and it was warm enough that my fingers didn't lose feeling all day. I blame the lack of injuries on the fact that there was not enough snow for moguls. and suprisingly, I even managed to stay conscious long enough to ring in 2006 with some good old fashioned cheesecake and spiderman.

happy new year!

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