Thursday, February 09, 2006

dear Dr. ________, M.D., Ph.D, FFA, GST, TPN, USSR, SUPERMAN:

please accept my application for a research postition in your laboratory. I am a third year psychology student with no practical lab experience, though I am proficient at regurgitating textbooks. with a future career in medicine in mind, I have taken courses in psychmetrics, classical mythology, and abnormal psychology. these have provided me with a solid background in microbiology and biochemical lab techniques. also, years as a camp counsellor have rendered me competent in canoeing, fire-building and creating animals out of play-doh, which are highly valuable skills in the medical field.

my lab experience includes acting as a subject in experiments for psy100 course credit and a tour through the chemical labs at my dad's work (free safety goggles included). in addition, I have extensive experience in mixing incompatible liquids, both in cafeterias and in my kitchen. I am sure I would find your research extremely interesting if I knew what the words in your articles meant.

I believe I would be a strong asset to your laboratory. thank you for considering my application.

laura bishop

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hutchie said...

I would hire you!