Wednesday, April 19, 2006

bet the forefathers of tonawanda, n.y. never thought it would be a hot tourist location. such a fun weekend!

we managed to cover most of the important parts of the city in just 48 hours, with moi as chauffeur. applebee's, olive garden, the art gallery, frisbee in delaware park. we miraculously made it to the galleria (and back) with minimal turning in circles and one brief detour to depew. miraculously... because if the others had known that every turn we made was 50% 'this way looks vaguely familiar' and 50% impulse, they probably wouldn't have let me out of the driveway. and finally, we paid our respects to my favourite building in the city, #1 on my list of places to find dead bodies... the old psychiatric center. due to the presence of a couple police cars, we were unable to complete #2 on my list of things to do before I die; however, that building is CREEPY, even from the outside in broad daylight. someone is in there, I know it! living at the top of one of the towers, and watching you through barred windows as you walk by. probably a torture victim who revolted against the doctors. eats rats and small children.

god, I'm a terrible psych student.

look what I found yesterday! go here and you will see a picture of my room in switzerland! someone else is in the picture, but the duvet and the furniture are the same (except for the desk chair, which I think I broke...).

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