Saturday, April 22, 2006

every time I get film developed, it costs me about $16.00 (including CD). today, I picked up my eighth roll for the school year, bringing the total up to $126.00. that's a lot of money. not counting film, which was a christmas present.

in honour of his upcoming third birthday, I have decided to give my camera a long-awaited name: caelum (pronounced SEE-lum), after the southern constellation and meaning 'sculptor's chisel'. here are some of the latest pictures... the rest will go online later, maybe when I come out of hermitage at 12:30pm on may 13.

two random burglars peering in my 3rd floor window

on the (overcrowded) bus to niagara falls!

kt... flying? interpretive dancing? panicking?

view of the rainbow bridge
from the other side of the 'no trespassing' sign


caelum works magic on the canadian falls
with the telephoto lens

canadian tourists strike again.

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kt said...

msn to me, pretty please!