Monday, May 01, 2006

24 hours in the life of bish

12am: study neurophysiology
1am: massive sigh and start bioethics.
2am: pass out on top of bed
7am: mumble insults at alarm clock. calculate number of hours till next sleep.
8am: say goodbye to natasha. neighbour for 3 years! off to bigger and better things.
9am: bioethics.
10am: bioethics.
11am: half-cooked pericardium and soggy baby toes at b-wash.
12pm: bioethics.
1pm: bang head on desk. curse dworkin and his family. curse hippocrates. curse girl down the hall who put tupperware in the microwave and stunk up the floor. back to bioethics.
2pm: neurophysiology.
3pm: neurophysiology.
4pm: neurophysiology.
5pm: consider hysteria. change mind, stick feet out window and play with telephoto lens.
5:10pm: back to neurophysiology.
6pm: neurophysiology
7pm: neuro- chickenfinger break - physiology
8pm: neurophysiology.
9pm: neurophysiology.
10pm: CREB, cAMP and CA1 conquered!
11pm: neurophysiology.
12am: neurophysiology... the abstract kind...

dude. 17 hours of staring at the computer screen and muttering about vestibulocochlear whatsits and dorsolateral gadgets. my dendritic spines have doubled in number and my hippocampal postsynaptic membranes are buckling under the weight of new AMPA receptors.

in other words, 7 hours and 56 minutes till the (70%) exam. my head is throbbing. let Panic Mode begin!


kt said...

for the love of god, go study outside or something! i don't want to hear the popping of your brain cells over the 'net!

count with me: 13 days to go...

Anonymous said...

you can do it!!!!!
go bishi go... go bishi go!!