Thursday, May 04, 2006

how to treat a severed limb:

1. locate the individual bleeding arteries on the stump, and pinch off the ones bleeding the most.
2. apply a tourniquet. tie a strip of material at least an inch wide around the end of the stump so the tourniquet will not fall off when tightened. tighten enough to stop bleeding, but not too hard to avoid destroying viable tissue.
3. tie off ends of blood vessels being pinched. fishing line, dental floss, heavy thread. tie in two places.
4. clean stump thoroughly. pick out foreign material and use a sharp knife to cut off crushed tissue remnants.
5. loosen the tourniquet. as pressure decreases, check ties to ensure more are not needed. do not leave tourniquet applied for more than 90 minutes, in order to preserve tissue.
6. dress the stump. coat the end with antibiotic ointment, then tightly cover with clean cloth.
7. elevate the stump, put an ice pack on it, and treat pain and shock from blood loss. give the victim meat or liquid with salt to restore plasma and hemoglobin.

quoted from the worst-case scenario 2006 survival calendar, in light of (a) monday being the anniversary of the day that hiker cut off his arm to escape from under a boulder and (b) my vision science exam. so if my head falls off due to severe brain trauma tonight and anyone reading this happens to find it, mind sewing it back on?

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