Saturday, May 27, 2006

may 24. can't believe I forgot. 16 years since the happiest day of my life. 16 years... that's a lot of fistfights, stolen socks and uncontrollable giggling in the backseat...

he and my mom were first off the plane. we brought him home to a decorated house and cheering neighbours. little geoffrey was famous even before he earned the nickname Trouble. I was so excited. AIYA, what was I thinking? wasn't long before the cute little baby who was scared of the bathtub was tying my hair up with silly putty, wearing out my hockey sticks and chasing me around the kitchen with butcher knives.

trouble graduated from high school last week. just as tall as me and hits tennis balls faster than he drives. I can still shove him off the piano bench and kick his arse in soccer, though. still a bother of a brother and my favourite little buddy. my official word of warning: world, watch out!

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