Saturday, May 20, 2006

wallowing in my glory. another year of university vanquished. only 7(ish) left to go!

volunteered at the hospital yesterday. watched the nurses chase down an escaping TB patient, played guard duty over a shriveled little man in isolation who kept inching towards the door, talked with a british guy about liver failure and unsanitary hospitals in santa lucia and his granddaughter's birthday this weekend. a normal day on 8B. it's so funny watching the student doctors, the ones patients refer to as 'those young kids'. they're so awkward with patients, especially the minimally responsive ones, stammering out questions in three-word phrases and receiving answers in what might be portugese or might be babble. they stand there, notebook in hand, looking slightly uncomfortable and thoroughly puzzled as the patient, perched on a throne of white sheets, bandages and tubes, delivers his incomprehensible monologue. after all those years of education and thousands of hours spent studying, the doctor is utterly useless.

freedom ended at 6:30 last night with the start of the mcat review course. as a classmate remarked, "this is where the summer ends, in this room." we alternate each class between general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics and verbal. I can't wait until I know all this stuff. I'm going to feel so smart!

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