Thursday, July 06, 2006

every time I hear the superman theme song, I think of the words to the camp superman grace. and in the past few days that's been happening a lot - almost constantly, actually, since the goshdarn soundtrack in my head has been stuck on repeat since seeing the movie sunday. I've been trying to reprogram myself to associate the music with phenomenal world-saving superpowers, but I keep getting this image of eight-year-old girls in pink t-shirts striking the flying pose...

yesterday marked my first july fourth not spent eating apple pie and watching fireworks at the river. I have to say - canadians just don't glorify in patriotism like americans do. caught some excellent fireworks off my uncle's porch saturday night, but there was a distinct lack of canadian flags, red and white face paint and canadiana music about. no families decked out in matching red, white and blue outfits. no glorification of revolution or freedom or independence. as katie so perfectly stated, "canada day is when we celebrate not being american." fortunately, two stamped documents give me the right both to wallow in bloody tales of revolution and to thank god that I am superior to the devout patriotism that would have me wallowing in bloody tales of revolution. the joys of being camerican.

it has, you see, been quite the introspective week. much time has been spent pondering some of the greatest questions of the universe; for instance, does superman wear underwear under his suit, or just on top? how does he fall from outer space, through the earth's atmosphere, through a forest, make a crater in the ground, and manage to keep that curl in place? why were high heels invented? why does toronto island have a nude beach? why wasn't I warned?

alas, answers will not be found tonight. instead, I'll content myself with muttering curses into my textbook and waiting for superman to rescue me from my physics-induced misery.

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kt said...

you know those high heels were sexy.