Sunday, August 20, 2006

it's over, I survived, and I hope to god I never have to do that again! it wasn't that bad, actually, except for the fact that the supposed 7.5 hour exam took 11 hours. that we started over an hour late and didn't get a lunch break until almost 2:30. that there was a saxophone playing somewhere in the building all morning. that we were writing in a ballroom with beautiful chandeliers that gave no light.

my favourite part (besides getting fingerprinted) was the directions: " are prohibited from photocopying or memorizing any part of this test..." and, of course, "...essays that are illegible or written in a language other than english will not be marked..." I've never been so completely drained after an exam before. I almost didn't have the energy to eat. repeat: almost.

celebrations commenced last night with cake from future's and superman. today, they continue with the pirate festival. avast, ye scurvy dogs!

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