Sunday, October 15, 2006

the damage:

still no power, but the units made it to toronto! I now have my wallet and enough cheez-its to last at least through this round of midterms.

njc party was awesome. saw people I haven't seen in three years. the interesting thing about neuchatel is that with only 90 people in the school, you get to know everyone really well - but only in europe. we're all connected by the fact that we're canadian, but this is the first time I've ever seen these people in canada. everyone gets really excited to see each other, even if you weren't close friends. many hundreds of people turned up tonight, including the very first student ever to enroll at njc, back in 1956. met my mom's old roommate. my principal and his wife were there and they both recognized me. mrs. southward even remembered about the piano!

my kenmore west graduation in buffalo took place less than 24 hours after I returned from switzerland. I hadn't seen any of my friends for ten months and it felt like a dream. tonight felt kind of like a dream too. sometimes it's hard to believe it ever happened. right now, it's hard to believe it ever ended.

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kt said...

dude - heroes tonight? please tell me you saw it.

omgfg. i can't wait until next week.