Friday, October 13, 2006

ode to the trees

heartbreaking. that's how the maternal unit described the scene they awoke to this morning. fourteen inches (so far) of very heavy snow has brought down massive portions of many of the most beautiful trees on our street. they listened to trees crashing to the ground all night long. there are branches on the swingset, the power line and the roof. our beautiful maple out front, our pride and joy that is always first on the street to turn bright red, is no more than half its former size; same with one out back and a huge oak a few doors down.

they are one of the quarter million households in the buffalo area without power. all the roads are closed, including the thruway. no sight of a snowplow yet. for poor little random, my mom said, it was like walking through crisco. he would put one paw in and sink to his belly before his foot even touched the ground. they doubt roads will open by tomorrow, which is also heartbreaking, as it means my parents probably won't make it up for the neuchatel reunion. my mom hasn't seen many of her classmates in 36 years and will never have the opportunity to see so many neuchies in one place agin.

we've never had a snow day in october before. why am I in toronto right now? does anyone else get emotionally attached to trees?

good ol' buffalo.

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