Tuesday, October 10, 2006

do you know what happens when you use a plastic spoon to cook mr. noodle? it melts. chopsticks, however, work quite well.

back and terrorizing the common room kitchen after a fantabulous thanksgiving in buffalo. if degrees of fantabulous can be measured in amount of film used, then this was weekend was almost a full roll of fantabulous. saturday night my friend and I went through a bunch of haunted houses. the first one had a funhouse gone evil theme and was more than slightly reminiscent of the den of creepiness in the most recent episode of supernatural. kept thinking about phantom clowns appearing beside me and actually managed to freak myself out a bit, which is not usually an easy feat.

saturday afternoon I discovered a new talent: hair cutting! yes, my brother actually let me cut his hair. and what's more, the maternal unit seemed to think it was a great idea and stood there taking pictures the whole time. the last time one of us took a pair of scissors to geoff's head she wasn't quite so amused. I don't know what either of them was thinking... I wouldn't have let me near my own hair unless it was already detached from my head!

happy turkey day to all canadians, pretend canadians, and just plain turkey lovers!

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