Thursday, October 12, 2006

I feel an attack of the reminiscing sort coming on. it has been at least a couple months since I last wrote about how much I adore neuchatel and since I just spoke (yes, out loud, in front of people) at the njc info session and the school's 50th anniversary celebrations are happening this weekend, now seems like the opportune moment.

one lady at the info session inquired about independent travel. "if students want to go to, say, paris for the weekend, who buys the plane tickets for them?" plane tickets? four hours on the TGV and you're strolling down the champs-elysees. and independent travel means independent! when I was at the gare in neuch buying train tickets for a trip to vienna - our first independent trip - the ticket vendor said, "every year the kids change, but it's always the same thing." he was referring to our plans to arrive back in neuchatel eight minutes before the start of class monday morning, and do it after spending the night in a cheap sleeperette car (i.e. chairs that recline six inches if you're lucky). actually, that was night I spent curled up in a ball on the floor of the train. best train sleep I ever got. the floor is much more comfortable than the luggage racks, which is where I passed the night en route to amsterdam. luggage racks are still preferable, however, to the floor of the geneva airport, where I spent my last night on swiss soil.

better cut this short before I start moaning about how much I want to be running through vinyards or sitting on a train eating bread and tartare right now. and how much I miss the sing-song francais neuchatelois and wish they sold euro-length graph paper in toronto. I'd really like to watch the sun rise over the alps one more time, and I want to hear "mesdames et messieurs, nous arrivons a neuchatel. prochain arret, bienne..." and feel like I'm coming home. okay. I'm stopping now.

dude. I would give anything for a meal of les tommes et rosti avec de la creme pour le dessert.

stopping for real now.

I love neuchatel.

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