Saturday, December 16, 2006

alive, more or less. sane, more or less. ripening a repulsion for intellectual stimulation. I've been eating and sleeping physiology all week, with the balance tipped heavily towards physiology.

hutchie and I have found our (extremely) long days at robarts to be peppered with the occasional conversation of substance. and I do mean substance. the questions we have been pondering are enough to stop the most uninspired individual in his tracks to rethink his very existence. reflections of great minds. great, exhausted, desperate to do anything but study minds.

so... when a guy gets his sperm tested, does the doctor remove it invasively or... non-invasively? does this imply that such doctors keep a porn lab in the office?

if a woman ovulated during pregnancy, could two fetuses be conceived a couple months apart and develop concurrently? when she popped the first one out, wouldn't the second one have to come out too?

is masochism a mental disorder? should a healthcare worker get in trouble for inflicting minor harm on a masochist when he gets pleasure out of it and there is no lasting damage?

there is a very slight probability that a piece of chocolate thrown at a concrete wall will pass through the wall. very slight, but think of the possibilities. a bullet could pass through a person without causing damage. a bird could fly through an airplane. a person could fall into the earth.

three days till I get my life, soul and sanity back.

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