Monday, December 04, 2006

musician = antithesis of organization

a musician wrote my music history textbook. you know how I can tell? the chapters are ordered like this...
elements of music & intro to instruments
19th century romanticism
theory & materials of music
18th century classicism
medieval and renaissance music
baroque era
20th century music
popular and new music

this is why I'm not a real music student. I couldn't deal with that all the time.

this course is actually very interesting, despite the fact that I'm learning it all in two weeks. while writing four papers. and finishing grad school applications. and not eating. or sleeping.

young schubert sang with the vienna choir boys. mozart once wrote a letter and signed his name 'wolfgangus amadeus mozartus'. when the seven-year-old prodigy chopin was asked what he thought the audience had liked best about one of his performances, he replied, 'my shirt collar.' mozart and haydn were buddies. so were chopin and liszt. while employed by the esterazy family, haydn and other musicians spent long periods of time at a family residence in remote, northewestern hungary, separated from their families. during the last movement of his 'farewell' symphony no. 45, instruments drop out of the score one at a time. at the first performance, each musician, upon finishing his part, blew out his candle and crept away from the orchestra. the prince took the hint and granted them a vacation.

good thing I'm putting all my efforts into reading up on the life stories of these guys and not wasting precious time memorizing trivial things like the characteristics of their composition styles.

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