Friday, December 29, 2006

one last ode to the trees.

I was out a couple days ago taking pictures of the trees in our neighbourhood, or what's left of them after the october snowstorm, fondly referred to as The Thundersnow of 2006. Especially on our street, where the trees used to be huge and old, they now look like broccoli stems with the flowers cut off. most of the twigs and smaller branches are gone; just deadend branches and trunks are left. there are actually lots of branches - and by branches I mean small trees - still waiting to be cut down in some areas.

looking up in front of my house. see all those empty branches? the three sticking straight up at the bottom left? we're going to lose that tree.

out behind our elementary school. we used to (some of us still do... ahem...) climb this willow tree. it was round and bushy like a big balloon. not anymore.

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