Wednesday, January 24, 2007

this is my brother.

he's a tool. over christmas, we tried to make alfredo sauce to go with the slightly-crunchy noodles I cooked for lunch. we boiled butter, milk, cheese, flour and garlic salt. didn't work out.

sometimes, we act out and videotape three-minute action/horror movies involving flashlights and warcries. we haven't done that in a while, though. a whole year, in fact. we also like to keif the car keys, blast green day at full volume and strike out in search of adventure.

we usually get lost. I drink his milk when he's not looking. he puts carrots on my plate when I'm not looking. I taught him how to add and subtract. in return, he tied up my hair with silly putty. we make a great team when washing dishes. he chases me around the kitchen with butcher knifes and I spray him with cold water. when he tells me I'm the toolest tool that ever tooled, I tell him his mom's a tool. that's when we end up doing the dishes. when I say, "fly, g-blob, fly!" he says "okay."

this is my brother flying.

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