Wednesday, January 24, 2007

christmas adventures with bishops no. 4 and 5

one day over the break, geoff came skipping up to where I had planted myself beside the heating vent with three or four blankets and something thick and fictional and said, "l-chromosome! get your camera and let's go on an adventure." the units were at work, the weather was four months too warm and my camera was full of black and white film. how could I pass up an adventure?

so off we went. first, we cruised through kenmore. took about 45 seconds; no adventure there. then we decided to go into the city and find some decay. a good plan, since the words decay, abandoned and dilapidated must have been invented by a local looking down his street. we drove around (doors locked, of course) for quite a while looking for a parking spot near a relatively populated area, because someone was under the impression that his driving career would be prematurely terminated by the units if the car was stolen. I resolved not to let geoff drive on any future adventures.

eventually, my persuasion techniques prevailed (or g-blob got bored). we ditched the car in a deserted parking lot behind a deserted factory and, skirting the fence signs by climbing over the rocks (and beer bottles and dead seagulls and needles) beside the river, took a look at this:

not the greatest shot, but what can you do when your brother is threatening to chuck your camera in the niagara river if you take one more step past that 'no tresspassing' sign? the little chicken.

next, we found ourselves standing beside this...

unfortunately, it was all boarded up and the chicken wasn't up for climbing iron chains. this beauty is beside the ship...

does this look like a potential murder scene to you? geoff seemed to think so. he kept up a monologue that sounded something like this: "are you done? hurry up and take the stupid picture! I think we should get back to the car now. what are you doing? don't touch that, you'll set off an alarm! hey, someone's looking at our car. where are you going? and what's that noise?"

'that noise' sounded a whole lot like gunshots. in fact, the closer we got to the back of the building, the more shootout-like it sounded. so we left. and set off an alarm on the way.

oh, and inside the building? motorboats. shiny new motorboats.

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