Thursday, March 15, 2007

3.14 - happy pi day! eight more years, and it will be 3.14.15. that will be exciting, especially at 9:26:53am... 3.14.15; 9:26:53. I can hardly wait.

my last three graduate school applications were mailed off to england today. that means I'm done my sixth course! finally! started med school applications a couple days before school began in september, and 6.5 months later still have no idea which country I'll be in next year.

whatevs. my flip-flops and I are too busy enjoying the balmy weather and melting sludge and the exhumed squirrel carcasses scattered through queen's park to worry about something that's six whole months away.

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kt said...

re: pi - you are such a dork.

wanna come over for supernatural tonight, now that you're done your sixth course? call me!