Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my life is complete.

reason for completion of life #1: I am eating my fourth meal of the day. second supper. it's even better than the first, though that may be because vic food services doesn't know how to ruin sandwiches. wymilwood has started serving second supper between 8pm and 12am so that those of us with 145 meals left can put them to use before the end of the year. a turkey sandwich may not be worth $11, but it beats stale cookies and dry mr. noodle.

reason for completion of life #2: two papers due this week, and I finished the first (eight pages on dimensionalization of DSM-IV personality disorders) at approximately 5:00 this evening, 25 hours before it was due. this has never happened before. ever. I even made an outline beforehand. didn't read it over, though, and don't plan to. that's asking too much.

reason for completion of life #3: the family came home from florida (traitors) last night and sent me the information I requested about my life savings. turns out I have almost $1500 more than I thought I did. sweetness. that's another 771.13 pounds I don't need to earn if I'm accepted to a british school next year.

reason for completion of life #4: did I mention second supper? at this time I'm usually starving and wondering how strawberry jam that's been sitting in the fridge for four months untouched would taste. still wondering about that, actually. would six month old mayonaise help it taste better? how about leftover mcdonald's ketchup packets? unexposed film paper?

my life hasn't been complete for a while. it feels good.

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Tiffany said...

So glad you managed to find meaning in the little things of life. I too am fighting the essay backlog, but I think everyone is. Of course, losing 4 hours a day to circus doesn't help....oh well, congrads on finishing more than a day before it's due!