Saturday, March 10, 2007

did you know that the muscles you use for writing and opening doors are the same ones you use for rock climbing? I didn't know that.

when I was about forty feet in the air on my third wall yesterday, I suddenly remembered that (a) I split my time fairly evenly between my desk and the piano bench, (b) I subsist almost entirely on cheez-its, reeses peanut butter cups and ice cream, and (c) at no time in my life have I ever had any upper-body strength. my hands got sweatier, the grips on the wall got more slippery, and my arms were burning so badly I could hardly raise them above my head. the stupid victory button just sat there, six feet above me, laughing maniacally as my hands and feet kept slipping off the grips, and the stupid instructor stood on the ground shouting, "just let go and jump!"

which I did, eventually. then hutchie brought me down and I sat on the floor and whined and took pictures even though I could barely lift the camera. today, my hands are still quivering when I try to write.

good thing I'm a masochist and love stuff like this.

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