Friday, March 09, 2007

one of the worst physical sensations - trailing behind puking and needles to the roof of the mouth - is fighting the irresistable urge to sleep. at this point in the semester, I experience this sensation through most of every lecture, piano lesson, and sometimes, conversation.

at volunteering today I spent 90 minutes visiting with my favourite patient. she's my favourite for several reasons: one, she laughs a lot, two, she lights up when I walk in the room, and three, she can carry on a one-way conversation for three hours. she doesn't hear a word I say because she's mostly deaf and I understand only about 2/3 of what she says because she's mentally disabled, but as long as I smile or nod or shake my head or shrug at appropriate times, she carries on unimpeded. normally, this is enough stimulation to keep me conscious - but today, I kept dozing off. everything kept going blurry and distorted, so I'd blink and forget to open my eyes; then I'd catch myself starting to fall over and snap to attention for a few seconds before it happened again. I really hope she didn't notice.

I blame physiology. and floor clothing. and photoshop, which might actually be ruining my life.

at left: g-blob, little and cute
at right: g-blob, little and cute and photoshopped

speaking of g-blob. at international night tonight, there were a bunch of foods from all over the world, including some salsa-dip type substance from huancayo, peru, hatching-place of our favourite little inca. looked like mustard and tasted good on rye bread. kind of spicy. great right before a field hockey game.

clearly, I am incapable of sticking to one topic. brain is fried. head is aching. actually, everything is aching. like fever-aching. but bed is clean! might sleep inside it tonight.

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