Wednesday, April 18, 2007

accepted to the university of plymouth! this is the cheapest of the three schools and in a super pretty area on the south coast of england (note: I use the term 'cheap' very, very loosely here).

went picture-hunting a couple weeks ago before winter returned. yes, that's blue sky.

inside knox. I'd never been in there before. super pretty. looks like something you'd see in a book, or rather, see in your head while reading a book. probably riveting tales of a nerdy professor and his hunt for the long-lost booty of a seventeenth century monk whose decayed skeleton is eventually found in the labyrinth that lies below this building.

the treasure - a weathered gemstone swimming in dust and legend - is found on the alter in the chapel. the weary treasure-hunter, mumbling something about "at last! the light of baldemar!", peers at the stone as dim, late-afternoon sunrays filter in through the yellow stained glass windows.

then the old priest appears with a pistol and reveals that he is part of the secret society born the night of poor baldemar's gruesome death, and has pledged his life and that of his children to protecting the sacred treasure from ever leaving knox college. men in dark capes suddenly step out of the darkness and chase the nerdy professor around king's college circle. as the sun sets, he meets his bloody end in the UC courtyard.

the end. this is one reason why I love this place. you know indiana jones and the da vinci code were modeled after real-life stories from u of t. stuff like that happens here all the time.

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Tiffany said...

Dude, clearly you need something due, because all this free time is causing your brain to function entirely too creativly! Sigh, off to study.