Monday, April 16, 2007

just spent two hours in b-wash playing tic-tac-toe and hangman and MASH with gabbo. apparently I'm going to marry michael vaughn, live in a shack, have eight kids and drive a scooter. gabby's going to marry michael scofield, live in a mansion, have sixteen kids and drive a tank. the first of my last three undergrad exams EVER is may 1 and I am presently devoid of the motivation to study.

the rationing of motivation is a skill I think I've mastered over the last four years. I've been thinking this through. of everything I've learned in university, how much will be useful at some point in the future? I actually made a list of everything I could think up. then I lost it - which brings me to item no. 1:

(1) never trust a computer. if something is important, write it down. if something is really important, write it down and don't lose the paper. if something is vital to your survival or GPA, commit it to memory.

(2) mr. noodle is good uncooked and straight from the bag. kraft dinner is great cold first thing in the morning. sugar packets do not constitute a meal.

(3) virtually all scientific articles pertaining to psychology, psychiatry or neuroscience can be understood, learned from and criticized upon completion of a four-year u of t psych degree.

(4) it's much easier to wake up after two hours of sleep if (a) the overhead lights are on, (b) you consumed twice the volume of your bladder in liquid before falling asleep, (c) you're on your bed instead of in it and (d) the sun has risen. it is possible to fall asleep (a) while sitting up, (b) while eating, (c) when your roommate is talking on the phone with the lights on and music playing, and (d) while writing an exam.

(5) streetmeat is sold on st. george at 4:00 on saturday mornings.

(6) you can attend a world-renowned university and, four years later, still have no idea how you're going to feed yourself for the next 60 years.

note that 'don't ever be awake between 3 and 6am unless you have a uber-good reason' didn't make the list. hopefully grad school will teach me that one.

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