Sunday, April 01, 2007

hypothetical situation: one month and three days are left of your undergraduate career. it's a rainy sunday afternoon and you have nothing worth more than 5% due for another nine days. you find yourself staring at the cover of an unfamiliar textbook and realize it's unfamiliar because it hasn't been opened since you paid $137.95 for it in january.

do you...
(a) open the book and spend the next few days catching up on 11 weeks of reading or
(b) stick it back on the shelf to keep for a pre-exam surprise?

I've learned two great truths from my four years at the university of torture - oops, I mean toronto. One, it's possible to learn an entire semester's worth of material in five days and still get an A on the exam. And two, it's possible to spend more time every week studying for one course than for all your other courses combined and still get a D on the exam.

I was out in the hall a little while ago talking with a few people from my floor, and I referred in passing to u of t as 'that soul-sucking institution'. a first-year girl laughed and said, 'oh, that's harsh!' I'll give her till next december...

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