Thursday, May 24, 2007

crossed the border six times in the last week. last week, I took my little bother to the t-dot when I went up for piano. he skipped down bay street and did a jig in the greyhound station - but that's another story. passing through customs, I got more questions driving into canada than he did driving into the states. still trying to figure that one out.

sunday, I drove up to st. catherine's to visit my grandma and, coming home, spent an hour and a quarter sitting on the rainbow bridge listening to geoffrey's linkin park and green day cds and watching the tourists take bad pictures. when I got to the head of the line, the lady didn't even ask for my id.

coming back across the falls again from piano today, the place was strangely empty. maybe that's why the dude decided to chat me up. he must have been bored. his accent was deep south to the point of being virtually incomprehensible. when he asked the purpose of my visit to canada (I think) and I told him I'd been to toronto for a piano lesson, he laughed and said "don't they teach piano in this 'ere you-nited states of america?" then he asked why I'd been pulled over for a secondary inspection last summer. "no idea," I said. I'd waited around for 30 minutes or so, an officer had admired my passport stamps and asked where I went to high school and if I knew so-and-so who went there too; then I'd left. "did they find anything?" he asked. "were you harboring any mexicans?"

I was tempted to say "sure, and I got some more in my trunk; wanna take a look?" but I didn't want to spend the night. now, if you'll excuse me, I have to unpack the smuggled goods they brought with them. over and out.

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