Thursday, August 09, 2007

yesterday I spent five hours in the emergency room at st. catherine's general hospital with my grandma (who is fine). gotta say, I was gravely disappointed at the dearth of carnage. no code blues, no intubations, and very little blood. not a single severed limb, though I did overhear word of a ruptured spleen.

the ER at children's hospital in buffalo is much more stimulating. when they make you wait five hours, they at least have a good reason. something about a kid chopping off four fingers. it was super exciting the last time I was there. some dumb seven-year-old couldn't breathe and puked all over the unfortunate individual standing in line ahead of her. sorry, dude. I'm still traumatized too.

not that I was rooting for widespread misery and pain, but the ER in st. catherine's is nothing like grey's anatomy. clearly, real life lies again.

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