Wednesday, November 07, 2007

reason #391 england is the awesomest country and I'm staying here forever: unregulated fireworks.

the brits remember remember the 5th of november. they remember it, in fact, for four whole days. I discussed this with another girl on sunday. I had spent the last two evenings peering at my window wondering if the city was under seige. "so, some guy didn't blow up parliament, and you celebrate that with explosions?" I asked. "yeah, I guess," she said and paused. "well, no. no, not really. we don't actually give it that much thought. it's just fireworks day."

so last night I went to the top of a nearby hill where a slice of the city was spread out under me, and I tried to count all the different sets of fireworks I could see. I got up to about 15 and lost track when sparkley green bits erupted off the roof across the street. I tried again and made it to 20 before there was a bright flash and an explosion behind me.

it was awesome. and I'll let you know when the shellshock wears off.

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