Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I received a very disturbing e-mail last night. apparently, my lazy family isn't getting a christmas tree this year. they are using the emaciated, four-foot-high fake one that was purchased for pamela's first christmas 23 years ago - the one I usually set up in the basement along with all the extra lights and sparkley bits and other unwanted decorations that the rest of the family believe to be 'excessive'. and apparently, it's been sitting in the living room half-decorated for three days! unbelievable. the maternal unit says me being away gives them permission to commit such an atrocity (though she didn't phrase it quite in that way).

I leave in approximately two hours. currently sitting at my desk eating everything that won't last three weeks - half-empty bag of nacho chips, nutella and milk - and trying to remember what I've forgotten to pack. I know there must be something. I always forget something.

this afternoon I will stop in both king's cross and paddington before crashing at natasha's place. I am endlessly excited about seeing, in one day, two stations featured in two of my all-time favourite children's books. tomorrow we meet up with juliet to see the sound of music, and at about 3am saturday morning we leave for paris and switzerland and the multitudes of lights, christmas markets and crepes that entails!

oh. forgot my towel.

this was taken on a hike a couple weekends ago.

and this was taken last weekend at chatsworth. my feet were frozen. I mentioned that, didn't I?

one more. this is how a bishop christmas tree is meant to look.

until jan. 12, then. over and out.

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