Saturday, January 12, 2008

home again, after three awesome weeks!

I have a mammoth pile of laundry, a mammoth stack of swiss chocolate, and this:

those would be the nine rolls of film, totalling 252 photos, taken during the first two weeks of the trip. doesn't seem like that many until you remember (with a jolt to the stomach) that it costs £6 to develop and put on CD each 24-exposure roll.

now let me introduce you to the newest member of my collection of photography equipment, and the reason I will never again spend all my christmas money on developing film.

meet piccadilly!

piccadilly wishes cyberspace a very happy new year and would appreciate any information readers may have about unions for overworked, underpaid cameras. which I specifically told him not to say. he apologizes and has offered to take a picture free of charge and complaint.

look what I have!

reese's peanut butter cups, swiss and austrian chocolate and real canadian maple syrup, lit by the glow of my christmas lights. PB cups thanks to my friend pam, chocolate euros thanks to mich, maple syrup thanks to juliet, and swiss chocolate purchased in neuchatel and berne. more on that later.

now back to sorting through photos from this past week in london - of which, thanks to piccadilly, there are many more than 252.

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