Friday, December 14, 2007

introductory psych textbooks are always so full of goodies. axons, striate cortices and nineteenth century lists of causes for 249 cases of insanity. debauchery accounts for 57 cases, over-study for six, erroneous views in religion for three and, fortunately, sudden loss of several cows for only one.

over-excitement at the Great Exhibition also accounted for one. and that's where I am right now. not at any putative Great Exhibition, but super, super excited! nine days from today I'm going to be in paris! two weeks from today I'm going to be in switzerland! and exactly fifteen days from today I'm going to be in neuchatel! in neuchatel, my favouritest city in the world, eating paprika chips and les escargots de la creme and les crepes a nutella et banane, visiting le junior college and le gare and place pury, raiding migros and mangeant de la fondue on top of le chaumont.

I started packing today. had to unpack again, though, because I needed my clothes. I'll try again tomorrow.

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