Saturday, December 08, 2007

so. today I cleaned my room. I vacuumed for the second time this week, used real live chemicals in the bathroom and for a moment, seriously considered dusting my bookshelves. then I cleaned the common room. vacuumed, swept, wiped the counters, took out three loads of garbage and scrubbed god knows what off the inside of the microwave. when that was done, I went grocery shopping and bought three kinds of fruit and two kinds of meat, none which was canned, precooked or frozen. after washing last night's and this morning's dishes, I sat down and proceeded to work on an assignment that's not due till february.

oh, and I went to two pubs on tuesday and tasted beer.

clearly, all this rain is having an adverse effect on my motivating mechanism. when the sun comes out again, sometime in the hypothetical future, I'm sure I'll go back to making my bed once a month whether it needs it or not, starting papers six hours before they're due and subsisting entirely on cereal and cranberry juice, cause man alive, that beer was vile.

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