Wednesday, January 30, 2008

23 is totally not too old to have nutella and jam sandwiches for breakfast. on crackers, cause I ran out of bread.

survived my first english birthday. went out to dinner with a few friends and then, believe it or not, went out for cocktails. I took a couple sips of a couple things and tried not to look overly disgusted while the others renewed their vows to have me chugging dark ale by the end of the year. I suggested they join the waiting list.

it's sunny and spring-like again today, though even +8 doesn't feel as warm when you're not emerging from four months of 20 below. I've still not worn my winter coat. and I can hear birds outside my window!

these were taken on a hike in the peaks a couple weeks before christmas.

ice on the trees.

and ice on the barbed wire.


Blu family - famiglia blu said...

Ciao, volevo congratularmi per le tue foto. sono molto belle. brava.

bishi said...