Friday, February 01, 2008

finally, a bit of snow! there's been a weather warning issued for yorkshire. the wind was so strong last night it could have carried off a small child. and now it's snowing! sort of. wet, hail-like stuff, but close enough. yesterday, people were warned that the temperatures were going to "struggle to climb above zero". (that's cold, apparently.) weather reports were also sure to mention that milder temperatures would return next week. (thank god. a light at the end of the tunnel.)

I'd like to take the whole lot them and dump them in the sault. let them tough out a 6-month winter. have them stand around in -20 degree weather watching ice sculptures get carved, make them belly-flop down ice-slides and subject them to a good ol' fashioned game of broomball.

g-blob loves it. I bet the brits would too.

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kt said...

i think they might love it in that quaint, colonial way for about 48 hours, but then desperately pray for spring after that point.

also, as a point of hilarity: went to a subway restaurant the other day, and the dude behind the counter said to the other guy, "man, it's freezing. it feels like winter right now!"

it was mayyyybe 15 degrees out. prolly more like 17-18. CELSIUS.

i laughed out loud at this guy.