Monday, February 18, 2008

came home earlier tonight, ravenous after a full day of first aid training, and found that someone had eaten all my food. the same someone had also scattered dirty dishes around my room and used up all my clean socks. then that someone tied me to my chair and made me watch 2.5 pirated episodes of house before I was finally allowed to start my day's work.

had a bowl of cereal, a can of peaches and a couple deviled eggs for dinner. that leaves me with tea, sugar, rice and hot chocolate mix for tomorrow - and class till 3pm. I was going to save my last bar of swiss chocolate for breakfast, but I accidently ate it. then I found a hole in my pants. two holes, actually.

and now it's 2am and I'm still up.

man, I'm rubbish at being a grown-up.

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kt said...

man, that thief at your place is somehow able to be in two places at once, because i totally caught the bastard here too. musta eaten all my cake in one night while watching old episodes of scrubs and then worn all my underwear. the bastard.