Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the following are items on a survey I found in a textbook chapter on factor analysis. the survey, apparently, was based on a theory that predicts good research methods lecturers from four traits: (a) a profound love of statistics; (b) an enthusiasm for experimental design; (c) a love of teaching; and (d) a total absence of normal interpersonal skills.

some of the items...

- I once woke up in the middle of a vegetable patch hugging a turnip that I'd mistakenly dug up thinking it was Roy's largest root
- I memorize probability values for the F distribution
- I worship at the shrine of Pearson
- I still live with my mother and have little personal hygiene
- I soil my pants in excitement at the mere mention of factor analysis
- I calculate 3 ANOVAs in my head before getting out of bed every morning
- Standing in front of 300 people in no way makes me lose control of my bowels
- I love teaching because students have to pretend to like me or they'll get bad marks
- I'd rather think about appropriate dependent variables than go to the pub
- I tried to build myself a time machine so that I could go back to the 1930s and follow Fisher around on my hands and knees licking the floor on which he'd just trodden

I thought this list was hysterically funny, and that concerns me a bit, because I don't believe laughing at jokes about multivariate statistics is a healthy thing to do.

descent into madness: proceeding as planned.

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kt said...

those are magnificent! i loved the last one in particular... reminds me of my old high school days when my friend and i tried to design a time-machine to take us back to ancient rome so we could kill pythagoras so we wouldn't have to learn trig. good times.

go on skype sometime so we can shoot the breeze, eh? i can't get my msn to work on the weird server they have here.