Monday, March 10, 2008

in a perfect world, there would be a pill you could take to satisfy your day's nutritional requirements so I wouldn't have to experiene stabbing stomach pains every time I ate. said pill would be chewable and taste like flintstones vitamins.

I would have a nine-foot steinway in my bedroom. I would get hot showers not two days a week, not three, but every single day of the week. I wouldn't have a pile of dirty dishes on my desk and they cetainly wouldn't have been sitting there since yesterday.

hmmm. on second thought, in a perfect world, I would have never touched a washing machine in my life and dishes would be obsolete. I would spend two days a week working diligently on my dissertation and the other five around where south yorkshire meets derbyshire, climbing rock formations and eating chocolate mini-eggs.

which is exactly how I spent today. we went on a wild chocolate mini-egg chase across the hathersage moor.

this was our first stop, over owler tor.

our team taking a shortcut up and over the ridge.

not how you'd expect english countryside to look, is it?

hathersage moor is in the dark peaks. gritstone covered in heather. it looks flat in the pictures, but we often end up wading through over knee-deep heather on our walks.

also, in a perfect world, it wouldn't rain. cadbury creme eggs would fall from the sky.

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kt said...

and those cadbury eggs would kill you if they hit you in the head, but it would still be awesome.