Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I passed stats! more than passed, actually. I got a 2-1. or two one. or something like that. the thing you get when you don't quite make distinction. but apparently it's good, and I am greatly relieved. also got my mark from qualitative data analysis, and I did get a distinction in that.

university is so much more fun when you get good marks. also fun is managing to outsmart the yorkshire weather by getting up before the rain starts to take these...

...and then googling the weather for buffalo, seeing the forecast for snow, and cackling maniacally. ha ha ha.

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kt said...

oh, i know that cackle. i exhibit it often.

example: current weather in brampton is -10 and snowing.

current weather wollongong - 23 and sunny.




i'm heading to melbourne in two weeks. i'll take a stack of photos for you.