Monday, March 17, 2008

owww. my body is aching. so is my soul.

I have been social for five days in a row. 5. FIVE. my soul is not used to such frequent abuse and that is why it is aching. wednesday I went to a movie with a friend. thursday I went skating with my coursemates. friday I spent four hours at the pub. yes, you read that right. four hours. after climbing yesterday I had a late indian dinner and spent another hour or so at the pub. today I was hiking with the walking club, and that brings me to my aching body.

today I walked approximately 20 miles. this is a rough estimate based on the fact that our hike was 13-14 miles long and it's an hour walk each direction between home and the bus interchange. legs were aching before we even started, though, due to my racing around the ice rink a few too many times on thursday. also due to my racing around the ice rink is the giant bruise on my right knee - or rather, due to my leaping out onto the ice, realizing the rental dude had given me hockey skates and I was thus lacking a pick, and promptly falling flat on my face. so the four hours I spent climbing yesterday was really just to even out the pain, which is now fairly evenly distributed among all four appendages.

oh, and I wrote a literature review this week, which gnawed another gaping hole in my poor, mangled soul. and now I'm going to sleep. good night.

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