Tuesday, April 01, 2008

summertime! today I was out in shorts and flip-flops, and this was not just because I ran out of clean pants three days ago. ok, four. could have stuck it out a couple more if yesterday's walk in the peaks hadn't consisted of three hours of bog-jumping, which had the unfortunate result of coating my person with black mud.

when I got home, I ran off to watch movies and eat fondue. fondue was awesome, independence day with a room full of brits was highly entertaining, and the pile of wet clothes I left on the floor filled my room with the lingering fragrance of decomposing sheep poop.

tomorrow, my clean clothes, cameras and I are off to birmingham and shrewsbury for a couple days. random trip in the middle of the week! I love being a student.


kt said...

speaking of random trips in the middle of the week - i just got back from my random middle-of-week trip to melbourne, and it is a really fabulous city. and - i know you'll be glad to hear this - supposedly very cheap for students! i didn't make it out to the university because i was only there for 4 days and didn't have enough time, though - Sorry! i will probably be going back at some point soon, though, and i'll be sure to check it out then. i think the city's right up your alley - lots of grand ol' buildings and wacky architecture. check my facebook albums!

have fun in birmingham!

kt said...

oh, also - will you still be in the UK in october? i might have to head over that way for some fieldwork...