Sunday, June 22, 2008

once upon a time there was a siren. that siren did its siren thing and screamed and wailed with the strength of a new year's fireworks display, flinging out all the pent-up anguish and sorrow of its siren soul for the world to hear.

nobody knows the trouble a siren has seen. nobody, that is, except me and the rest of broomhill, since we've been hearing about it since 7:30 this morning.

edit at 4:00pm: jesus christ, this is one woebegotten siren. I've had time to drive out to the peaks and run around a reservoir without getting lost, and he's still going strong.

edit no. 2, 7:30pm: it's been 12 hours. I am losing my will to live.

edit no. 3, 10:40pm: silence?

edit, 12:00am: you can't be serious.

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