Friday, June 20, 2008

it has occurred to me that I might start a list. I like making lists. it's one of the bad habits bestowed upon me by my mother. she loves lists - especially 'to do' lists, which she leaves at my place on the dining room table when I'm home on vacation and which I usually try very hard to lose. last summer, she and I each made a list of 100 things we think everyone should do before they die. maybe I'll post that up here someday.

but today's list is different. today's list is entitled "Why I Love England". I have professed my love for england and all things english many times over the past nine months. with only two and a half months left to go before my return to the mothership, I think it's time to inject a bit of structure into my impassioned ramblings.

Why I Love England: Reasons No. 1 - 3

1. I like sheep, cows and horses, and I love that they feel like toronto pigeons do about humans.

that is, "two choices, mate. the rest of your sandwich or your left arm."

2. I like fish and chips. I also like steak pie. and pork sausages, hobnobs, chocolate chip weetabix, apple blackberry squash, bakewell tarts, battenburg cakes and yorkshire pudding.

this is broomhill, my neck of the woods. the lit-up store on the left - that's the broomhill friery, my second-favourite chippy in sheffield.

3. I love that, in june, the sun doesn't set until about 10:00 at night.

sunset at the pond - taken at about 9:45 tonight.

more to come...

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