Monday, July 14, 2008

so watching supernatural at night, in the dark, when I'm possibly the only person in my building? not such a good idea.


tomorrow I move flats. must first wake up bright and early to walk up the hill and call a cab. then I'll run home and drag all my luggage downstairs. this will take ages, owing to the fact that this building has no lift and I therefore must carry everything down by hand. I'll have to bring my big trunk down empty and pack it on the ground floor, since it's too heavy to lift when full. this means I'll spend half the morning running up and down three flights of stairs with armfuls of piano music and 6-packs of fanta and other heavy things. then I'll leave all my earthly possessions in a pile outside and run down the hill to return my key (by 10am, or I pay another day's rent), while calculating the probability of coming back to find it all stolen. finally, I'll run back up the hill and wait for the cab that I'd say has an 80% chance of not showing up (the last time I asked for a cab to be sent to my address, I was told that 1 oakholme road did not exist) to take me halfway across the city to my new home.

I am distinctly unenthusiastic. can you tell?


TDK said...

well, girl. I don't really know a vos... but there's something very interestin' in the aire.

La magia con la que escribe, the energy... the way you write des articles makes me think U're a famous writer.

En fin, Is nice to met people like U.


(Mientras escribo esto, todavĂ­a es domingo 13 de julio)

kt said...

you poor girl! isn't there anyone else around who could help you out? perhaps you need to kidnap someone to help you move.

also: never watch supernatural alone in the dark. it increases paranoia drastically. trust me on this one.

bishi said...

I wish I were a famous writer! Thanks.