Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am living in a prison cell. a prison with no desk drawers, no rolly chair and a carpet that induces a strange skin reaction when I come within six inches of it.

made it to my new quarters in one piece. am currently mourning the loss of my view and desklamp. and rolly chair. am also wondering whether or not I am capable of living in a room for two months without posters on the walls. why, for the love of all that's holy? I saw the shawshank redemption. what's-his-face had a giant picture of black and white movie chick on his wall. why can't I have my brighton seaside picture up? a froggie or two? I promise I won't dig holes in my walls. if I do chip the paint I'll fill it up with toothpaste and put white-out over it and you won't even know the difference. not that I've done that before. nope, never.

ok, it's not that bad. I like my room. don't like the carpet or the no-posters rule or the random metal pole sitting under my desk where my chair needs to be, but the rest is fine. and the location is excellent. I'm right in the city center now instead of out in the 'burbs. not as many trees but lots more chinese take-away.

my old view, god rest its soul. last week I caught a glimpse of the most densely-coloured rainbow I've ever seen.

and my old room. god rest its soul too, with an emphasis on the poster and rolly chair bits. oh - and my blue wall. (this was taken after 10pm one day last week. note the not-yet dark sky.)

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